Wednesday, November 17, 2010

P.S. Good Luck

I ran across a blogger last night calling the stalled out lapbanders failures.
That pissed me off in a big way.
We've lost a BUNCH of weight.
We are maintaining. At the most we may gain a few lbs.
If we do gain we are able to lose the excess fairly easily.
But you know what?
There is a 98% chance that you will be a failure the second you go off of your crash diet.
You say you are hungry all the time and it's all good?
Golf Claps for you.
That's what you chose.
Not Me.
I chose a medical intervention.
As I would if I suffered from depression or diabetes.
It's a tool.
I know I have to do the right things to lose the weight.
Just because I'm not losing doesn't mean I'm a failure.
I'm maintaining.
Two years ago I would have been GAINING.
Maintaining ANY weight loss is not FAILURE.
Remember that.
Your time will come.
You'll reach your goal at some point.
This lap band isn't our first go around with diets.
Do you think we haven't already been where you are right now?
We were.
We lost it.
And we gained it back.
I know you don't need it b/c you are God's Gift to dieters everywhere...but still,
Good Luck.


  1. Hm. I already feel enough like a failure without someone telling me I am too. It's true, the band is not an easy fix; most of the work still falls on you. Changing habits/patterns, eating healthier, and exercising. But I also haven't been gaining, which in the past I would have. And I'm never giving up, like we all aren't giving up. Thanks for this!

  2. This person who commented was a bandster???? Who i imagine is losing a ton of weight eating hardcore perfect??? I don't know if I got the situation right, but I often worry about those people. The doc's say 1-2 lbs/wk to lose and they are more COMFORTABLE ifu lose just 1 lb/wk. My md beat that in my head this whole time. I truly believe the slowness of our journey gives our minds and bodies timeto adjust to the huge change. And I feel this is a benefit to lapband over gastric. Everyonehas the right to make their own choices and do things their own way, it's all good. But some of these bandsters say their doctor's are all proud and's because their huge stats are fluffing their patient %. So they can turn around and tell new patients or other practices "My lapband patient's lose 2 lb/wk on AVERAGE" whenmost of the patients lose 0.5lb/wk and a select few lose 10 lb/mth. It's like cooking the books for an accounting company. Just my humble opinion. To each' own. I do wish everyone success in which ever journey they are taking and withever method they choose!

  3. NO he is NOT a bandster. He is a crash dieter who is all "holier than thou" at this particular moment since he is in the losing phase. Wait until the diet stops.

    I recently posted about medical studies showing that the greatest predictor of whether or not someone will enter later adulthood overweight is whether or not they dieted earlier in life. The studies say you are better off NEVER dieting than subjecting your body to the yo-yo-ing that ultimately causes so much damage and leaves you obese.

    Anyone who loses any amount of weight AND KEEPS IT OFF is a success.

    98% of repeat dieters will fail to keep the weight off. That is a fact. Tough to argue with those statistics!

  4. I agree. I am not sure how one becomes an expert when they are still on their own journey, but whatevs.

  5. I think the problem with the band is that it cuts off the circulation to your brains. I never hate the band, I hate band abuse. Read my words before you jump ugly. Your ignorance is scary

  6. hehe. Y'all sound like a bunch high school drama queens. Who cares? Kudos to anyone changing their lifestyle for the better. Don't like someone don't read about them. I think that is pretty obvious. Why waste your time talking about people? Not that anyone will stop, some women thrive on drama. I hope you all get lives one day because it's sad when the Internet becomes a big deal to you.

  7. Until you stop eating fast food and crap you are not going to break your plateau. Quit bashing people who are more successful than you are. You are all as hateful as you believe he is.