Wednesday, November 17, 2010

P.S. PSA - Can We Please Step Up Our (Commenting) Game?

I've been around the blog community for quite sometime in different aspects. And I must say - the "bandworld" is quite clicky. I blog, you blog, we all blog for support - rather it be via successes, failures, motivation, personal. I thought the concept was to provide support to everyone, not just the certain few who have been around the longest or who has lost the most weight. We are all on this journey together and everyone should feel included. I've noticed alot of people use their blog to gain support from us because situations don't allow support in their real-life. Perhaps we are all they have? Is it really hard to comment on someone's post? Even if a few words, it could give that person a boost to overcome a hurdle. It could give that person a sense of accomplishment for a loss; we all love celebration!
I've seen this complaint several times, even to the extent of taking time away their blog because they felt no support in this journey, due to lack of comments. It's unsettling that a place so many of us go for support, the support is a lack there of.  This is real life, not a popularity contest. We are all on the same journey. Can we step up our game?


  1. Point taken - kind of... I will admit that I haven't been as vigilant the last few months about posting as I was when I first started blogging, but at the same point, I don't comment just to comment. And while support is a FANTASTIC outcome of blogging for me, I don't know that we ALL do it for that reason. I didn't start to get that support - I started to ensure that I was being honest with myself. So although I often times don't know what to say or unfortunately don't have time, if I have something that is valuable to add, I will try to be better about sharing it.

  2. I've heard people say that when someone else writes a "sad, poor me, emotional" blog....they either 1. Think they are dramatic and say nothing or 2. Can't relate, so they say nothing. So there's 2 reasons right there to not comment. Other people, known a "blog stalkers" will NOT comment. They themselves don't even write a blog but get on to follow someone's progress. I, personally, never read a blog I don't comment on. I can always think of something simple, at least, to say. If you don't see Lizzle comments around...I'm not reading it. But not everyone feels they have something worthwhile to say and that IS their personal choice. If you personally are lacking the comments and feel you need them, I'd consider joining a support group website where that is the sole purpose! There are chat rooms, msg boards, etc and the WHOLE websit is about providing support and feedback!!! There are some really great ones out there!!!

  3. I read a wide variety of weight loss blogs. Blogs by Bandsters, blogs by those who have had other forms of WLS and blogs by people, like me who are "kicking it old school". I try to comment as often and as positively as I possibly can.

    Honestly, I don't always feel as if I have anything helpful or constructive to say. Or I hot the post after 25 or 30 people have already had their say. What do I have to add? "Me too!"?

  4. Ooops! That was supposed to be "hit".

    Stupid typos. :P

  5. There are so many blogs out there it's impossible to get to everyones. What I did was try and pick 12 or so blogs that were newer (with less followers) and decided to read them once a week and comment. So at least I am consistent with those because even though I'd like to get to everyones, I just cant! =(


  6. I agree that posts are wonderful -- whether encouraging, or good advice, or even just a quick hello! I post regularly, and not always on the same blogs, but I generally read blogs from my work computer, so I try not to get too crazy posting during the day. I do post when I have something in particular to say though, or when a post really speaks to me (which happens a lot -- so many good writers among the bandster bloggers!).

    I also don't think there is anything wrong with people reading the blogs who don't want to post or who don't blog. Plenty of bandsters are concerned about their privacy and want to be anonymous even in the blogosphere, others are shy, even on-line. Nothing wrong with that, and if someone wants to read my blog and doesn't post, that's OK with me. Of course, I'd much rather hear from that person and feel a connection with them, but I can understand if not everyone wants to do that (I'm just extra thankful for those that do)!

    It is amazing though how much support and encouragement come from the posts. I started my blog as a way to keep honest and journal my progress, but it's opened up this whole bandster world to me in so many very positive ways I did not expect, has brought so many friends into my life, and has kept me on track.

  7. I wish there was a "check in" option for blogs....or a "i was here" stamp...well even then i wouldn't be able to do it most of the time! 99% of the time i read blogs on my phone at work and cannot comment that way...that is why i don't comment a lot. i read every blog, but to go back and re-read and comment on those blogs takes a lot of time that i just don't have! hopefully my commenting game will step up once i get on a routine with the new job :-)

  8. i cant post because i dont have a profile!! Rarely do you see Anonymous..when I do, I post.
    otherwise, how do I get a profile if I dont have a blog, but love to comment?