Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Welcome to PostScript Confessions!

Recently, the topic of anonymity in blogging has been making the rounds in my blog circle.
I have been facing this issue over at my own weight loss blog. While it's wonderful to post before, during and after photos, I've lost my anonymity by doing so.

It's similar to how how you felt and reacted when your mom and then your boss 'friended' you on "The Facebook". It was inevitable, you started filtering. You stopped being 100% yourself in your posts. You are the person they expect you to be. Well, what's the fun in that? We are flawed. We have issues. We need to share with others. It's amazing to me how all of my blog friends seem to cycle through some of the same issues at the same time. While we may feel alone in a particular issue, once someone is brave enough to share what they are going through, many times, they find an outpouring of love, support and compassion from people feeling the exact same way. It just takes one person. Being. Real. Saying the thing no one else will say.

No More Mrs. Nice Guy. Time to GET. REAL.

When you are ready to get real, and tell us what you REALLY think....

You may use your e-mail or you may wish to create a new anonymous e-mail at gmail, yahoo or hotmail.
Either way - I will never share your e-mail information or identity.

What are you waiting for? Start writing....send it in and receive the support you've come to rely on from your fellow bloggers.
Without fear of your Mom/Child/Boss/Husband/Wife/S.O./BestFriend/Neighbor/Auntie/Uncle/Teacher/Potential Employers reading!